JV Secrets

My Top 10 JV Leaderboard secrets for best results and high conversions:

  1. Personalize promotional emails and posts with your own insights to encourage your followers to join the program in your own words. The more unique your voice is in this promotion, the better results you will see! Personalized emails convert at a higher rate. If you have a story to tell about me or about your experience with online challenges or Facebook in general – share it in your emails.
  2. If you have a picture of us together – use it. It will make your emails and posts more personal and credible – you will see much better results!
  3. Mention if you have already taken or will be taking my program – it adds a TON of credibility to your invitation.
  4. Offer your list special bonuses if they purchase the program using your link. Some ideas include: free strategy session with you, access to your program or product, bonus group call, ticket to your event, etc… You can even create a special bonus call just for people who buy my program (i.e. “How to get the most out of Alina’s program– the Insider Guide”); or offer to be their accountability buddy while they are in the program.
  5. Don’t neglect social media, especially if your list is on the smaller side. You can post repeatedly on platforms like Facebook and Twitter, and get your message in front of different eyes every time.
  6. Don’t be afraid to use Facebook Ads. I use FB Ads to promote most of the programs that I am an affiliate partner for, and each and every time it has paid for itself and more (in affiliate commissions).
  7. Consider creating a blog, a guest blog, an article or an interview with me on a topic closely related to using Facebook for business and running online challenges.I will gladly provide some information for you or do an interview on FB live or on Zoom interview to help you reach more of your followers. I will gladly provide some information for you or do an interview on FB live or on Zoom interview to help you reach more of your followers.
  8. Don’t be afraid to personally reach out to your friends and colleagues. Very often a personal phone call, text or email, and a personalized recommendation (“I think this program would be great for you…   because…”) is what makes all the difference.
  9. Your best bet for the most sales is to bring in the most opt-ins. And it’s much much easier to promote FREE challenge or a FREE masterclass – your audience will love you for giving them access to free resources. The more effort you put into promoting FREE content (which people love), the less work you will have to do at the end to get the sales. So mail and post often for the freebies to see great results in sales.
  10. If your email system identifies people who did not open their email, change the subject line of your email, and email “unopens” – you can easily add up to 50% to your original open rate.